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At the heart of every human experience is the desire to survive and prosper, to live without fear, hunger or suffering. In addition, to imagine how one's life could be better and then have the means to change it.  Yet, every day, more than 1.4 billion people – that is, nearly one fifth of the world’s inhabitants – cannot fulfill their most basic needs, let alone attain their dreams or desires.

 Oasis Microfinance Inc. is a start-up banking service based in Gilbert, AZ that is seeking to gather resources that will enable it to make micro loans and provide other financial services to the hard working poor people in Zambia, and later Sub Saharan Africa. Most impoverished people in developing countries possess modest survival skills that make them credit-worthy. Microfinance, which emphasizes granting small loans to the poorest of the poor without requiring collateral, provides credit programs that offer the poor access to small amounts of capital which they use to fund micro business and self-employment projects to generate income and eventually become self-reliant and overcome poverty.



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