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Oasis Microfinance is an international non-sectarian Tax Exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit microfinance institution whose mission is to help hard working poor people in Zambia and other developing countries in Africa move from poverty to economic power.

Oasis Microfinance actually began as part of an idea over ten years ago; an idea of one person coming to the United States of America for a better life but always aware of and responsive to a sense that he could make a difference in Zambia and other developing countries with the right help and the right tools.

When Frackson Sakala immigrated to the USA, he never stopped thinking about how his personal ambition and a better life for his family could also empower him to make a difference in Africa.  Therefore, connected with the supportive local faith community, he pursued masters level education and a career path in the nonprofit sector.  Along the way, he began an earnest study of development economics and microfinance. 

Frackson’s vision and passion for an anti-poverty microfinance institution resulted into conversations about the power of microfinance in alleviating poverty and the bringing together of motivated and passionate individuals who now make up the board of directors of Oasis Microfinance.  Thus, Oasis Microfinance has become a reality and is beginning the next phase of its life: implementing charitable methods and strategies to offer relief to families and individuals experiencing poverty in Zambia and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Specific to its anti-poverty effort, Oasis Microfinance’s innovative and integrated model will focus on group lending to microenterprises, coordinating their production, linking them up with more dynamic markets, and supporting them through innovative market development strategies to confront the challenges of competitiveness, so that they will be able to build profitable micro-businesses and move out of poverty. 

Oasis Microfinance will require the hard working poor people to form or join groups of five members, who will meet weekly.  Individuals who live below the poverty line will choose 4 to 5 other people they trust to form a group.  The group then goes through a 5-day business and financial education training program to learn the basics of business management and bookkeeping.  After completing the training program individual group members apply for micro loans to start or expand their small businesses.  The micro loan enables the borrowers to generate income to pay back the loan and build assets for themselves.  As people earn an income, they reinvest in their community by buying food, clothing, paying for education, or improving their homes.  Once an entrepreneur has repaid their loan, that loan is provided to another worthy entrepreneur within the same community.  The small loan investment just keeps paying back.

Oasis Microfinance intends to energize the power of markets, charity, philanthropy, and grant making to meet its long-term objectives of offering the hard working poor a legitimate chance to move up the economic ladder.  Its operations will begin in Zambia in summer of 2013 and in the third year branch operations will open in other countries in Africa.



Frackson is the Founder and President / CEO of Oasis Microfinance.  A banker and an Accountant by profession, Frackson holds an MBA in Sustainable Business Management and a Master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.  Drawing inspiration from his father who built up a grocery store from a small amount of money he borrowed from an uncle who had just retired from working in the coalmines in neighboring Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Frackson strongly believes in the power of microfinance to eradicate poverty because poor people lack the financial tools to build assets / wealth.  Providing small loans to entrepreneurs helps them establish businesses that create jobs and daily commerce, they earn an income which they then reinvest in their community by buying food, clothing, paying for education, or improving their homes.

Dr. Jim Uhley has been a pastor for 35 years and continues to serve churches part-time while teaching full-time for Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.  His educational background is BA and MA from Azusa Pacific University (in the Los Angeles area) in religious education. He has an MDiv in theology from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena and a DMin in theology and ministry from McCormick Seminary in Chicago.  One of his favorite things to do in the church has been to take people on mission trips to Honduras, Mexico and Russia. Jim is married with two grown sons.  Jim is the Vice-President of Oasis Microfinance and is working with churches and Grand Canyon University to create partnerships that will help accomplish the mission of Oasis Microfinance.

David Frederick - Treasurer

 Mr. Frederick has been involved in refugee resettlement since 2007 and feels called to make a difference in the world.  He has served as Treasurer of his church and on the finance committee of a local homeowners association.  Mr. Frederick is active in his community volunteering his time at local schools, Cub Scouts, and the Fiesta Bowl.  His education includes degrees in Accountancy from Arizona State University and in International Relations from the University of Minnesota.  He currently works as a financial analyst in the energy industry and lives in Mesa, AZ.

Fabian Lungu was born and raised in Zambia. He comes from a family of 7, of which he is the second born, 4 girls and three boys. The family lost two sisters, the first born and the sixth born. His educational background includes Chartered Institute of Purchasing And Supply (UK), a Diploma in Commercial Driving from American Institute of Technology and currently pursuing studies in Management. He migrated to the USA in September of 2001 with an intention of helping his family financially and Zambian people as a whole. Fabian has and continues to volunteer numerous hours of community services (St Mary’s food bank and homeless shelters). He has been working as a Restorative nursing assistant/ C.N.A in a long term care center and enjoys working and helping people with special needs. Fabian is also the past President of Association for Zambians in Arizona, a Non-Profit Organization.

Robert Gerluch

After discharge from the U.S. Navy Air Force in 1946, Bob attended Ohio State University under the GI Bill. After college his first job was with Interstate Securities Co. in Columbus OH. This was a Small Loan Company, licensed by the State, not technically a bank (since it did not accept deposits). It had the same charter as the Micro Banks. It made loans to the population not served by the Banks, for that segment’s many needs. He spent six years in that field, managing three offices for the company. In 1956 he became employed by Farmers National Bank and Trust Co., Ashtabula, OH. He started the Bank’s installment loan department, opened and managed two branches and went into Commercial Lending. In 1966 he started Development Services Inc. which developed six water oriented subdivisions in six States. In 1973 he sold this Company and became employed by Norwest Bank, Omaha NE as Senior VP, in the Commercial Lending Department (now Wells Fargo). He retired in 1985 and moved to Mesa, AZ. In 1986 he became employed by First Presbyterian Church as Business Administrator. In 2011 Bob retired from this position and formed Mesa Presbyterian Ministries, an outreach ministry to the working poor which he presently manages.

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